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Habs October 2018

The AES guide by Nick is amazing! I truly gained back control. This book for any sufferers of anxiety, panic, depression or ptsd will firstly give you control and awareness. It’s so thorough and deeply written. It will dramatically change your life and in the first week you will become engrossed and see a 70% change in your mental well-being just from practising the techniques. I suffered from anxiety and panic disorders and I saw a dramatic change in the first week. I now use this book as a life long support giving me the strength to overcome future life challenges. I am so grateful for an experienced counsellor who has been through it himself with techniques on how to help others.

Thanks Nick










Vicky Arnaoutis, February 2017

This book changes lives!
I am reading it once again, and I gain a sense of empowerment- worth the read. I have recommended it to those that are dear to me, including my own daughter, who is nineteen years old and suffers from anxiety. I should say, suffered from, as since reading this book, she has found coping mechanisms and is much improved.
I have myself studied CBT in great depth, this book has taught me so much.
Read and enjoy changing your life for the better.
Thank you nick for this fantastic insight x Vicky Arnaoutis.










Chrys Columbine, Camden May 2016

Public figure, International Burlesque dancer

“Looking in from the outside, many would say that I should have little to complain about. I’ve been an international artist for eight years, touring the world with my piano and burlesque shows. I’ve indeed, been blessed to have made a decent living being creative and doing what I love the most, travelled to breath-taking places, and met truly amazing people which have resulted in meaningful friendships.
Many would argue that I have an enviable life. Yet, when looking back and reflecting, most of my memories are of having been in a constant state of worry, anxiety, paranoia, anger, loneliness and even depressive – mental states that have prevented me from living life to the full.
Three years ago, I gave up alcohol for good, an addiction that plagued me since the age of seventeen. Memories of certain childhood traumas and self-destructive behaviours all surfaced, meaning that day-to-day life became a battle.
I decided to try therapy. I went on a fourteen-week course of Dialective Behavioural Therapy (similar to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which previously hadn’t been so effective) and was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Although DBT gave me numerous, effective coping mechanisms to deal with my anxiety attacks, I wasn’t satisfied. The motto, which is a common chorus of many therapies, sounds as “that pain, anger or anxiety is never going to go away, you just become better at managing it”.
That was not good enough for me. I always believed that willing yourself better, you can make all the ugly thoughts and conditionings eventually vanish for good, but how would I do this?

Luckily for me I came across Anxiety-Counselling through a friend. Anxiety counselling firstly, gives you an insight into the science of how your brain works. It arms you with further understanding as to why we become programmed to act or think in certain ways. It helped me to understand that, like I had trained my brain to be in a near-constant state of worry and panic, I could just as well, undo or reprogram my brain into being calmer – not to “build walls of worst-case scenarios” in my head and act on them. With the help and guidance of Nick, I started making changes to how I reacted to my thoughts which helped lower the intensity of my anxiety.

Whilst I progressed, Nick worked with me in stages as he empowered me with techniques that I had to add into my life. With practice I began to gain control of my thoughts and feelings. These techniques helped me dis-empower the negative and intrusive thoughts and eventually after perseverance, anxiety was a thing of the past however it did take practice as I did have some bad days. Nick told me that a few dips on the way are part of the healing process. I did persevere and in the end I pushed away the negative thoughts and anxiety out of my life completely. I can now enjoy both the day-to-day, and the epic experiences that come my way. I have found myself thinking of past memories without anger, animosity or sadness, but rather with a more philosophical outlook. I genuinely believe that Nick and his team at anxiety counselling will eventually help you achieve that life of serenity that you long for, that may not have seemed possible before.”

Thank you so much Nick you are really amazing xxx Chrys Columbine












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