Phobias are extremely common, and it is likely that far more than the estimated 6% of the population suffer from at least one phobia. They are twice as common in women than in men. Phobias generally first appear during childhood or early adolescence.

They are defined as an extreme and/or irrational fear or aversion to something. Unfortunately, simply knowing that the fear is irrational is not enough to stop its impact so treatment is needed to take control of the phobia and face it.

Most Common Phobias

The 10 most common phobias in the UK are:

  • Social phobia (also known as social anxiety)
  • Agoraphobia – fear of open public spaces
  • Emetophobia – fear of vomiting
  • Erythrophobia – fear of blushing
  • Driving phobia
  • Hypochondria – fear of illness
  • Aerophobia – fear of flying
  • Arachnophobia – fear of spiders
  • Zoophobia – fear of animals
  • Claustrophobia – fear of confined spaces

In many instances, the phobia is mild and people manage to lead their day to day lives normally. However, debilitating phobias can have a huge impact on quality of life.

Some phobias may start off mild – such as shyness or occasional blushing – but are exaggerated through repeated contact or trauma. Generalised phobias are particularly hard to live with since it’s difficult to avoid public spaces or confined spaces, for example.

When do I need treatment for a Phobia?

The earlier you get help, the sooner you can start living your life without the anxiety and fear that comes with a phobia. The longer a person has a phobia, the more extreme it (and the avoidance behaviour) can get, so it can take considerably longer to treat a long-held phobia than one that was triggered by a recent trauma.

If your behaviour is affected by your phobia – for example, if you cannot meet with friends, you cannot perform at work, or you can’t travel – booking a session with our counsellor as soon as possible will help you take control of your life.

Help for Phobias

Our unique AES program is the ultimate recovery tool. Its straightforward, easy to implement and understand. It is also available here to purchase and use as a self help program with support.

CBT is another option as we are CBT specialists. We can discuss your options, either way we will help you recover as long as you follow what we tell you, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t make a full recovery.



Like all anxiety disorders, Phobias can be fully resolved with the right help.

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