Unlike short-term or triggered anxieties, Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a long term condition that makes you feel anxious about a huge range of situations rather than a single event.

People suffering from GAD feel anxious most days; it becomes a normal state of being and they will often have trouble identifying when they felt relaxed. Like many other anxiety disorders, there can be physical and psychological symptoms that vary from person to person but the majority of GAD sufferers will feel restless, worried, and will have trouble concentrating or sleeping.

Around 1 in 25 people in the UK have GAD, with women being affected at a higher rate than men. It’s most common in people between 18 and 45 years of age however it can appear at any age.

Generalised anxiety disorder often co-occurs with depression, panic disorder and phobias.

Anxious About Everything

Chronic generalised anxiety affects every part of your life with exaggerated worry and tension. People with GAD worry about the worst case scenarios in everything including their health, finances, living situation, relationships, work, and day to day life. The main stressor is difficult to pinpoint because the condition affects mood and mentality in every situation.

Constant alertness and worry can feed into itself, with a concern that if the sufferer is not alert, then something bad will happen. They may feel joyless, frustrated, out of control, and depressed. Troubled sleeping patterns will also contribute to anxiety and depression in some cases, carrying on the cycle. Proper treatment is essential to break people out of the mindset and help them go about day to day life without incessant worry.

Therapy for GAD

Counselling can help GAD sufferers develop problem solving skills and reduce the symptoms to completely eliminating anxiety and related stress. Changing the way you think, reshaping thought patterns, and taking control of behaviour are all essential to treating GAD and returning to a joyful, healthy lifestyle.

Our unique AES program is the ultimate recovery tool. Its straightforward, easy to implement and understand. It is also available here to purchase and use as a self help program with support.
CBT is another option as we are CBT specialists,  We can discuss your options, either way we will help you recover as long as you follow what we tell you, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t make a full recovery.


As with all anxiety disorders, GAD is fully resolvable with the right help.

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