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All of us here at have experienced crippling anxiety, however we’ve also overcome anxiety and returned to normal health. We know how difficult the struggle with anxiety and depression can be and that’s why we are passionate in helping others recover.

Because we have experienced anxiety and have successfully beaten it, we know that it is reversible and anyone can recover from anxiety and depression when they know how.  Knowledge is power! 

We believe personal experience with anxiety, successfully recovering and beating anxiety is an invaluable asset when helping other people. It’s one thing to learn about anxiety, but quite another to have experienced it and fully recovering from it.

I am Nick Nicolaou (Chairman of am a therapist who specialises in anxiety disorders and depression. I developed the Anxiety Elimination System which was designed for the successful elimination of anxiety and depression. I’m a qualified therapist and I also use CBT and other inspired therapeutic techniques to help people through their issues with anxiety, depression and similar problems as well as marriage counselling and addressing addictive behaviours such as gambling, alcoholism and substance abuse.

I believe that therapists who have personally experienced anxiety are best equipped to help people through their own issues since they have a true understanding of what their clients are feeling and going through. I have overcome my own anxiety without medication and recovered by changing the way I reacted to my thoughts and certain behaviours.

The hardest thing in my life was beating my anxiety issue. I worked very hard on this. By treating my own anxiety, I developed a powerful skill set that allows me to help others looking for the same results. A huge difference from years ago, when not only I feared that I had a heart condition because of the anxiety symptoms but, I also believed I would have anxiety for the rest of my life.

Years after i recovered I had to go through a messy divorce which lasted a couple years till early early 2015. This was a very stressful period for me yet no inappropriate anxiety or depression was able to make its way back into my life.

The stress and problems my divorce caused like not being able to see my children and all the court cases could have easily triggered anxiety or depression in anyone but being an ex sufferer and having the knowledge I had, this was never an option, in fact it never even crossed my mind.

This is how strong I want you to become too and I believe you can be strong and keep anxiety and depression away for good!

My full story is in my book explaining what caused my anxiety to how bad it became and what drove it to crazy levels and to how I discovered the solution to reverse it.

The AES program that I put together is structured in a way where if it is applied as instructed then its very possible you can eliminate the problem.  It was designed by myself who had high anxiety and needed to use certain skills and techniques that worked to tackle anxiety head on. I now use the Anxiety Elimination System with my clients, it is a simple method which has a similar ethos to CBT. I also use CBT succesfully with clients.

When I began to recover I slowly developed a way to stop the impact of my intrusive thoughts naturally by changing my behaviours and the way I reacted to my thoughts. This affirmed and made sense to me that all other ex-anxiety sufferers had gone through a similar process, that certain distractions in their lives dominated their thoughts long enough not to allow room for anxiety. Unfortunately only a tiny percentage of sufferers are lucky enough for a certain chain of events in their lives to fall into place in a particular way and for a particular period which in turn dominated their thoughts long enough to dis-empower anxiety which helped them recover. Luckily I have developed the AES program which creates this same environment which has a particular and structured format as well as containing additional techniques and helpful information to help people recover.

I explain all of this in my book.

Within 2 months of realising all of this and by changing my behaviours and how I reacted to my thoughts, my anxiety was virtually non existent. This inspired me to further study these subjects as I became passionate about how the brain works and how to reverse these disorders using various therapeutic techniques. This became my new obsession.

I worked very hard putting together my program The: Anxiety Elimination System (AES). This is my own unique program, I am so proud of it and it has helped many people, its simple to follow and easy to understand.

This specifically structured program has a similar ethos to CBT. Although CBT can be therapeutic and definitely works, some clients find CBT difficult and time consuming as it involves having to write things down, keeping a diary, instigating or looking for and facing your fears, and having to dig out past traumas which can be very distressing to some clients but in others its not an issue.

Many anxious people find having to face their fears distressing and resort to avoiding them which means they live a life of avoiding places, things and situations. They may have temporary relief from the anxiety but the problem is still there, this only prolongs the anxiety problem.

My program will teach you how to eliminate fears naturally as of when they present themselves. The program encourages you to live as if you were not anxious. In regards to your underlying anxiety or depression, you will be working to eliminate these problems straight away which will contribute to the dissolvent of your fears.

All the information and the strategy is in the AES program.

I am not trying to undermine other therapists or techniques, I am a CBT specialist myself and use CBT successfully with many clients. I have lived with anxiety and have studied anxiety disorders and depression but because I have experienced these first hand and beaten them, I know exactly how CBT will work.

The AES is a unique therapeutic system in its own right. It uses a trans-diagnostic approach, this means it applies one set of principals across all of the anxiety disorders. All anxiety disorders are based on the same mechanism, which means they can all be treated similarly. Addressing the anxiety mechanism works for ALL anxiety disorders

The AES is an easy to follow six stage system, it is available as a self help program. Many clients prefer face to face counselling sessions with the program. I am happy to do this. Here at anxiety-counselling we will teach and guide you through it step by step, you will be able to contact us between sessions if your stuck or have a problem so that we can get you back on track. However this will be structured as I do not want you to lean on us for reassurance as it can slow your progress, our support is there to help you with your recovery. We will tell you exactly what to do to eliminate anxiety and depression from your lives.

I draw on experience since 2011 and my studies in counselling, psychology, neuroscience and (genetics) epigenetics have given me the knowledge to help others

Here at Anxiety-Counselling we help to improve every client’s well being by encouraging them that they also can return to a healthy, happy life free from anxiety, panic, phobias, depression and intrusive thoughts.

Our approach here at Anxiety-Counselling to therapy tackles the problems head on and helps you to overcome the devastation that anxiety, phobias and depression can bring. Our own insight is invaluable when it comes to counselling clients through their issues and providing the tools they need to get their life back on track and to complete recovery.

I studied counselling skills and received three Diploma’s, one specifically for treating anxiety disorders using CBT, and the others in general counselling covering all aspects like depression, anxiety, marriage counselling, child counselling and addictive behaviours etc. I also studied other approaches like person centred and psychoanalysis.

Whether we use CBT or AES if you comply, you can make a full recovery!

The AES program is available to take home in a self help book  here .

I am not trying to undermine other therapists or other therapeutic approaches as they can be effective especially CBT for anxiety and depression as CBT does work and helps many people make full recoveries. However, around 50% of clients do not benefit from CBT and in the end give up and remain living with anxiety and depression or end up on the medication trap!

There are many reasons for failure, one common reason is the fact that many therapists do not understand anxiety conditions or depression enough and just follow a protocol. Many will also tell you that you can only manage your symptoms at best. In other cases clients find it difficult having to face their fears or having to analyse and write down their disturbing thoughts. These are some of the reasons why clients drop out of therapy. The skill and knowledge of the therapist is key here to ensure they apply the exposure therapy correctly.

Another reason is the fact that many sufferers have not found a therapist they can bond with or trust, this is a common issue with client/therapist relationships. What I can say is that people can recover.

The best advantage for success is finding a therapist who was an ex sufferer, this is one of the main keys to helping someone address the problem for the long term. Why?

Clients find relief and have hope knowing that their therapist was an ex sufferer and this in itself is a great start and very encouraging.

A therapist who’s an ex sufferer will be well equipped and able to understand perfectly with empathy on how the client is feeling.

I believe for success the therapist must have the correct knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of anxiety and depression, that they are aware of the latest research, be in agreement that these conditions are not biologically based and that in fact they can be resolved.

We are here to help you eliminate anxiety and depression from your lives regardless of which approach you wish to take whether CBT, AES or a combination of both as each client is different and responds differently.

The AES program has also helped people recover from depression when depression was their primary problem.

I know that if clients comply to the Anxiety Elimination System or CBT, then there’s no reason why anxiety, phobias or depression cannot be eliminated. 

I am a qualified therapist and boast three Diplomas, I specialise in CBT and my personal experience with anxiety and recovering from it has given me the drive to do my best to help all my clients recover too. 

I am well equipped for anxiety disorders, depression and other problems like; marriage counselling and addictive behaviours are also an interest of mine, please ask for details.

Our website is designed to help and reassure people suffering from these conditions, there is plenty of free information here. If only there was information available like this when I was going through my anxiety years I may have not suffered for so long, nevertheless, I have done the work and now its time YOU did the work too, and free yourself from your condition.

Here at Anxiety-Counselling we can help you and tell you exactly what to do to free yourself from these conditions if you give us the chance. Stop suffering in silence.

Best regards,

Nick Nicolaou

Dip.Couns, Dip.Anxiety.Couns, (MISPC), (SFTR), (SHTC)




Member of The International Society of Professional Counsellors (ISPC)


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