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Anxiety disorders are NOT what you think they are, they are NOT diseases, or genetically or biologically based. Anxiety disorders develop when we are uneasy or fearful about something that might happen about a future event, situation, or circumstance. There are many triggers, anything from a bereavement, a job loss, drug abuse or even your upbringing. Anxiety is the physiological, psychological and emotional consequence of excessive worry. Everyone worries or stresses from time to time and therefore everyone experiences appropriate anxiety. However anxiety turns into a disorder, when worry becomes more pronounced and interferes with a normal lifestyle.

Many people experience periods of abnormal anxiety from time to time.

Anxiety disorders can affect people physiologically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. Anxiety disorders are evidenced by acute or chronic, reoccurring or persistent physiological, psychological, and emotional symptoms, including dizziness, fatigue, stomach upset, trembling, anger, frustration, irritability, feelings of overwhelm, sleep disruptions, and depression, to name a few. These symptoms can also be compounded by regular episodes of extreme fear, and a general feeling of doom and gloom with obsessive worry leaving people feeling frightened and helpless and a sense of feeling trapped by what seems like an uncontrollable condition.

While brief episodes of appropriate anxiety are normal during challenging situations, anxiety disorders can reoccur, be persistent, and sometimes worsen over time.

Anxiety and depression can affect up to 1 in 4 people in the general population. Simply coping with day to day life can be exhausting which can have a huge impact on your work and relationships. Counselling/therapy helps you take control of your life and helps reduce the symptoms to eventually completely overcoming the problem so you can return to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.



Some researchers speculate that anxiety disorders are genetic, and often present it as a ‘genetic predisposition.’ This assumption is based on the idea that because anxiety disorders can sometimes run in families, they blame this on genes (research has found that if one person in the family has an anxiety disorder, there is a 25 percent chance that someone else in the family either has or will develop it also).

It is our opinion and now that of many of the worlds leading neuro-scientists that the link is actually not genetic (DNA),  science has proven that it is actually environmental and behavioural. If someone in the family has an anxiety disorder, it’s common that someone else in the family will also develop an anxiety disorder due to exposure – being regularly exposed to certain behaviours increases the risk of others in the same family developing similar behaviours. Research has also shown that children have a higher probability of developing anxiety when one or both parents display anxious behaviours.

(Please see our science, research, reassurance and news sections which address these speculations).









Therapy will teach you how to identify your triggers and eliminate their effect, as well as teaching you strategies for managing stress and anxiety in the short term and eventually giving you the tools to eliminate anxiety and depression in the long term. The sessions offer a safe place where you can talk about your problems and fears, and discuss your feelings free from judgement so that you can begin to move on with your recovery, Our counsellors have experienced anxiety disorders and depression themselves and have successfully beaten anxiety and depression and therefore are well equipped to help you do the same. Here at Anxiety-Counselling, we can show you how to eliminate anxiety and depression. Our counsellors are ready to offer help and guidance at every stage of your recovery process.

Many people have tried many types of therapy and still have anxiety and depression. Reasons for failure are normally things like: not having the right therapist who you can feel comfortable with or the therapist is not educated on anxiety and depression enough to understand their mechanism. Secondly, many people find certain therapeutic techniques difficult to grasp and to follow and usually are asked to dig out past traumas and write things down which can be distressing. The skills of the therapist are key here.

Another reason for failure is being told you can only learn to manage the symptoms but never overcome the problem. This is a major problem but also an incorrect statement.

For best results, finding a therapist who is an ex sufferer gives you the best chance of recovery because an ex sufferer knows what its like to have anxiety and depression and also by eliminating their own problem, they know exactly what therapeutic techniques work and which ones do not work. Its one thing learning about anxiety, and quite another living with it and beating it.

Before we continue, we will mention our own specifically designed anxiety and depression elimination program.

The ‘Anxiety Elimination System’ (AES)

This specifically structured program has a similar ethos to CBT but unlike CBT the AES program has a direct approach and is easy to implement. Although CBT can be therapeutic, some clients find CBT difficult as it involves having to instigate or look for and face your fears, writing thoughts and other things down and having to dig out past traumas. This can be very distressing to some clients.

The therapist is the key here and as we also specialise in CBT, we use CBT successfully.

We do not need to live in the past, we cannot change the past but we should live for today and prepare for a better tomorrow. We want to deal with the here and now using techniques which will beat the problem.

Many anxious people find having to face their fears distressing and resort to avoiding them which means they live a life of avoiding places, things and situations. They may have temporary relief from the anxiety but the problem is still there and resurfaces again, this only prolongs the anxiety disorder.

Our program will teach you how to eliminate fears as of when they present themselves. The program encourages you to live as if you were not anxious. In regards to your underlying anxiety or depression, you will be working to eliminate these conditions straight away which will contribute to the dissolvent of your fears.

All the information and the strategy is in the AES program.

We are not trying to undermine other therapists or techniques like CBT, we are CBT specialists ourselves and use CBT successfully with many clients. CBT works!

We have studied anxiety disorders and depression and because we have experienced them first hand and beaten them, we know exactly what to do to eliminate them.

When we use CBT with clients, we are mindful with the techniques as not to distress our clients which encourages full recovery.

Either way, we will show you what to do and if you comply, you can recover that’s for sure.

The AES however, is straightforward, easy to follow and less time consuming. It will help you beat anxiety and depression safely.

The AES is a unique therapeutic system in its own right. It uses a trans-diagnostic approach, this means it applies one set of principals across all of the anxiety disorders. All anxiety disorders are based on the same underlying mechanism, which means they can all be treated similarly. Addressing the anxiety mechanism works for ALL anxiety disorders. This same strategy also works for depression even when depression is the primary problem.

We have an easy to follow six stage system which we will teach and guide you through it step by step, offering you the option to contact us if your stuck or have a problem and we can get you back on track. We will tell you exactly what to do to eliminate anxiety and depression from your life.

There is no program like it, our program works by changing your physiology as well as your psychological state.

It is available as a self help program here.

Modifying behaviour will decrease anxiety and increase a focus on the joys and pleasures of your life. As you go through the program, you will start noticing the anxiety easing, you will begin to focus on the more important things in your life and you will feel more relaxed. You will be working yourself to mental freedom and eventually you will be anxiety and depression free but you must comply with the program. 

We know its possible to fully recover, its just the way the mind and body are designed, we are designed to recover if we know how.


Our anxiety therapists use a variety of successful approaches:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) – identifying and successfully addressing the unhealthy behaviours that cause anxiety problems. CBT also teaches you healthy coping skills, recovery tools, and strategies for permanent success. This combines Cognitive and Behavioural techniques. Clients are taught ways to change thoughts and expectations and relaxation techniques are used. It has been effective for stress-related problems, anxiety, phobias, obsessions, eating disorders and major depression.

Emotional Therapy – understanding and becoming in charge of your own emotions. Many anxiety sufferers go by what they feel a lot. Many also fear their feelings thinking they can become uncontrollable. Emotional therapy teaches you what emotions are, how to be in charge of them, and the correct role they should play in your life.

Exposure Therapy – extinguishing fears require we confront them, by exposing the client to their fears, they can eventually beat the fear.

Mindfulness Training – learning “in the moment” techniques that enhance peace and calm, which can reduce and prevent irrational thinking. Mindfulness is a specific way of intentionally paying attention. A negative thought can lead to a chain reaction of more negative thoughts. This approach encourages clients to be aware of each thought, enabling the negative thought to be ‘caught’ so that is seen as just a ‘thought’ and not a fact. This breaks the chain reaction of negative thoughts giving a mental ‘space’ in which the person can re-align themselves in the present.

Person-Centred Therapy – Person-centred therapy – also known as person-centred counselling or client-centred counselling – is a humanistic approach that deals with the ways in which individuals perceive themselves consciously rather than how a counsellor can interpret their unconscious thoughts or ideas. The counsellor allows the client to freely express any emotions and feelings. This will enable the client to come to terms with negative feelings, which may have caused emotional problems, and develop inner resources. The objective is for the client to become able to see himself as a person, with the power and freedom to change, rather than as an object.

Our therapists can also use an integrative approach if necessary. This will be established in our first meeting and whilst in therapy depending on how the client responds. This ensures that we would stop at nothing and would exhaust all avenues to make sure you succeed. It is our passion and we take it very seriously as we know the pain anxiety and depression can cause. We will assist and support you all the way through to full recovery.


All of these approaches are used by themselves, or in combinations, depending on the client’s situation, circumstances and response to therapy.

Recent research has found talk therapy to be the most effective form of treatment for anxiety disorders and depression.

All anxiety disorders and depression are fully resolvable with the right help.

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There is no automatic fix to anxiety or depression, but there is a solution. The sooner you take action, the sooner you can start living a life free from phobias, dread, anxiety, low self-esteem and depression.We are specialists in this field offering therapy using our own unique AES system, CBT and other approaches to help you gain permanent results.

Our unique Anxiety Elimination System is specially structured using only techniques that have been proven to work. It is the quickest and safest way to help guide you to full recovery. It’s available to be purchased here and used as a self help program if you wish to do this alone however we also offer support at an unbeatable price. It will help you eliminate anxiety and depression safely because it is the perfect self help programme available that works!

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